I totally over promised and underdelivered on timeframe for starting this blog. Writing and taking pictures of fun things has taken a back seat to pregnancy and having a newborn!

Today I'll just tell you a bit about ourselves:

My sister is Amanda. She's a creative genius. Her ideas are constantly flowing, and the unique thing about her is that she also has the organization skills and business mind to keep her ideas streamlined. She's been collecting Martha Stewart magazines and dishes for her kitchen since she was in junior high (and she has Martha's autograph! HA).

My mom- Jan- is the master with the sewing machine. Growing up, she made SO many of our clothes, and when we outgrew them she sold them to consignment. Talented AND thrifty! She inspired us to want to learn the art of sewing. She also bakes beautiful and delicious goods almost daily and drinks coffee as much as any good Scandinavian: around the clock!

I'm a wife and mother of two girls: a toddler and newborn. I'm 28... not looking forward to turning 29 in October. I live in San Francisco with my little family and love it- the beauty, the events, fairs, and most of all: the food. My husband and I love finding new eats all over the city. I'm also the primary blogger for Rufflewood and I take the pictures of our goods, and pretty things, and food, and styles, and my girls... anything that inspires & delights me.

We started Rufflewood because we're always coming up with ideas and this gives us a creative outlet... and an excuse to eat my mom's baked goods, drink coffee, and spend time working on fun projects together.

Now you've been introduced! I will be sharing life, ideas, and things that make us smile on here most weekdays. Please come visit us all the time. We would love to get to know you too!


OH, and in honor of national coffee day: