A couple years ago the local nursery had citrus trees on sale and, since we'd wanted one forever, my husband and I got a dwarf meyer lemon tree.

Last year we got a few lemons, and it was fun to make a batch or two of lemonade, and have a lemon handy for the occasional recipe.

But this year our tree is loaded with lemons! SO fun.

So I've done lots of lemon squeezing, and have given away bags full. And we still have lemons getting ripe. But aside from the random warm day or two, the weather was still chilly, and we weren't really craving lemonade. So here's what I've done:

Squeezed lemons...

Strained the juice and poured into little sauce cups with lids. Put them in the freezer for a few hours...

Put the pods in zippered freezer bags and returned them to the freezer.

We'll have lots of lemon juice to make fresh lemonade all summer long. Maybe we'll give some to Sophie so she can have another Lemonade Stand