The Wonder of Cloth Napkins

A few years ago we had a casual dinner in the home of some friends who have three children... and we used cloth napkins. I was helping their daughter set the table, and watched as she took a basket with cloth napkins and put them at each place. The five for their family each had a different napkin ring, identifying who the napkin belonged to. Jen, our hostess, explained since it was the same person's germs on their napkin, that they would use the same ones for several days (unless it got particularly dirty, ending up in the laundry.)

I have a thing for cloth napkins, and have a ridiculous supply.

But I had wanted to keep them unstained, so used them only for special occasions. But no more. After our visit to Jen's table, I started using those beauties regularly. And now a paper napkin seems so flimsy and worthless. I have discovered the many benefits to cloth napkins!

- they will actually clean your hands and mouth
- they really covers your lap and stays put
- they keeps all that paper out of a landfill
- they can be doubled as a bib for a child (and looks so cute... like a little bandana)
- they do a great job sopping up a spill
- they look so much nicer next to my place
- they really don't have to be washed after each use... unless you had barbecued ribs
- they end up less expensive in the long-term

And now I've been making lots of napkins myself, and having fun getting creative with them. We've got a good selection for sale... and more coming in the next few weeks. If you're into cloth napkins (or want to be) take a look.


PS: Here's a peek at three.