It's February 1, and that means only 13 days till Valentine's Day... one of my favorite days. I love hearts, I love red, and I love my loved-ones. (duh!) How will you celebrate?

Since my husband reads my blog on occasion, I couldn't post this too early. But starting today, I'll be counting the days with "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways" cards. My plan was to put them in his lunch each day. (Since I left my day job, I've gone pack to packing his lunches. And I actually enjoy it more than I used to.) But I don't pack lunches on the weekends, and it's more fun to get them at random times in random places.

On the DAY, I'll make a special favorite dinner and set the table with some extra love. I'll use some linen napkins, and I've got some in my shop, if you'd like to have some for your special day...