Ahhhhh October!

I can never decide what I like best about the beautiful month of October. Top contenders are:

Fleet week... the second week of October in San Francisco every year. The weekend tends to be gorgeous and the planes put on stunner performances over the bay, bridges, and Alcatraz.

Always a party. Always gorgeous.
Boots. Every year I spot a pair of boots- almost always brown because I can't help it- and I tell my husband they're a must-have. I say "They're classic! I can wear them forever!" and I hope that around my October 12 birthday they'll land themselves in my closet. Which the last two years they have. This year I received spending money which gives me the predicament: the new boots which maybe I don't need per say, or fall dresses, cardigans, and preppy shirts? Either way, the search for the fall boot of the year is one of my favorite October pastimes.

The other best part of the month is having amazing orange and purple flowers on my coffee table! My husband came in with a smile and this vibrant bouquet wrapped in brown paper and tied with string.  Whenever I get flowers I wonder why I don't buy them more. It's a dilemma really. If I bought them weekly would they still put authentic smiles on my face every time I walk past? Or is the reason that they bring so much joy in the realization that they're a special occasion delight? I might have to try that and let you know.

This doesn't even address the other perks of October like the availability of pumpkin spice lattes, the smell of fireplaces, the indecisive weather (that's somehow a bit exciting to me), the cozy sweaters and the caramel apples... the list goes on.

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