31 days of cookies . day 26. cookie platters

Cookies are so standard—a couple bites, no fork necessary— yet so versatile... toss a few in a baggie or lay them out on a gorgeous platter.

Delicious cookies really don't need a fabulous presentation to taste good. But really, don't you prefer to arrange them on a fun or festive or unique platter to serve them?

I have a couple go-to platters and trays that I use for cookies. And they are not round. Somehow, cookies sliding around on a round plate doesn't do anything for me.

My favorites are rectangles.

Here are some favorites i picked on etsy. (I'd love any one of these as a gift... not that I need one more.)

1. Leaf Impression Such beautiful ceramic work
2. Square Celedon Square platters are great for cookies. Loving the colors and texture on this one.
3. Rae Dunn Beauty Truth Peace Rae Dunn does gorgeous work. I've seen it in person... beauty!
4. Amber Fused Glass Platter I've only recently heard of fused glass and I'm a huge fan. Want some.
5. Teal and Copper Here's a darling small platter when you only need to serve a few.

Do a little cookie platter shopping this weekend! See you Monday with another recipe.


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