Lots of changes going on here at Rufflewood. We started early 2011 as a mother/daughter/sister partnership. Brainstorming sessions and production Saturdays (AKA Sweatshop) -- SO fun! But then...

Change #1: In August Kate gave birth to their second child. She hung with us for 4 months, but at the new year, had to leave the business. You can still visit her, though, on her blog Style Smaller.

Change #2: Amanda launched Delighted, her online magazine, I am so thrilled and proud of her. You'll want to grab a cup of coffee and sit down to enjoy every page.

Change #3: Amanda is pregnant. Their baby is due 12.12.12!

As you can imagine, working a day job and launching a magazine while you're pregnant is pretty exhausting. So then,...

Change #4: I'm on my own. Not nearly as exciting as 1, 2, and 3. But I am enthusiastic about continuing to create useful and just-for-fun items for the home, and preparing for the new line for Fall. So be sure to check back in the coming weeks and months to see what's happening in the Rufflewood shop. Fortunately, Amanda and Kate are still great consultants and support.

And I am, of course, overjoyed to increase the grandchildren count!


PS: Here's a photo of the view from our booth at the Renegade Craft Fair last weekend. (Not great photography... just used my phone.) Beautiful sight, no?

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