Apples in September

Something about September makes me think apples. Maybe because summer fruit is fazing out of the produce aisle and apples and oranges and pears are back in season; or maybe the start of a new school year brings up the "apple for a teacher" saying.

There are lots of apples showing up on etsy right now. Here are some of my favorites.

1. Carnival Candy Apple (yum!)
2. Vintage Book Apple (clever)
3. Red Apple Fabric (wouldn't that make a cute apron?)
4. Apples Paper Pack (for you scrapbookers/card makers)
5. Apple Necklace (super cute... i'd wear that)
6. Apple Orchard Candle (fill your home with fragrance)
7. Vintage Vera Linen Towel (for my dishtowel fetish)

What are some of your favorite apples?

Happy Fall,

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Amanda said...

Caramel apples!!

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