A couple Saturdays ago I got to help Amanda of Delighted Magazine with a photo shoot for the next issue. (It's due out the end of the month... I got a sneak peek, and you won't want to miss it. It's absolutely stunning!)

At the end of the shoot she let me keep some of the succulents she had leftover. In general, I have never been a big fan of succulents--I tend to prefer flowering plants--but she did such a beautiful job with them, I was happy to take them and try working with them myself. And it was fun!

Here's what I did:

Got some old terra cotta pots that I had spray painted white years ago. The paint was wearing off, and I kind of liked the rustic look it gave.

I put a coffee filter in the bottom of each one, covering the hole in the bottom. This keeps the dirt in, but lets the water drain through the hole, keeping the roots from rotting.

Then I filled the pots about halfway with a good-quality potting soil...

...and started adding a variety of succulents to each pot; then filled in between the plants with more potting soil. 

As it turned out, I loved the color variations and the original look of each of the pots.

I love potted plants because you can move them at will... from table, to shelf, to mantle, or wherever you want a little spot of green. 

The bonus with succulents: they don't require much water. 


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