31 Days of Cookies . Day 10. Specialty's

A great little cafe in the SF Bay Area is Specialty's. They put together some great sandwiches (the Waldorf Chicken Salad is my favorite) and salads and soups. But you really must top off your lunch with one of their fabulous cookies.

When I was working near one of their shops, I signed up for the Warm Cookie Alert.  My office mate was also a cookie fanatic, but we showed great restraint  (most days) when I got emails telling me what type of cookie had just come out of their ovens.

But every now and then, we gave in. One of us would just happen to have to run an errand in the vicinity of Specialty's (or maybe we just planned a late lunch and "needed" to head over that way), and  pick up a couple warm cookies. I mean, if you're going to buy a cookie, make it a great one!

If you're a Specialty's cookie fan, let me know in the comments which is your favorite.

If you're ever near one of their stores, stop in and enjoy a cookie!


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