31 Days of Cookies . Day 9 . Blondies

Yesterday got a little crazy so I missed getting my post up. But I'm back with a really good one.

Someone asked me the other day what a blondie is. Hmmm... how do you describe it? Sort of like a vanilla brownie with chocolate chips, maybe? I don't make them often, and have a couple recipes that I like, but here's a new one...

I got this from RealSimple.com, and of course I made some changes. The most notable being that I used chocolate chips instead of mini peanut butter cups. I had none in the house, and didn't want to wait to make them. I bet they are delicious!


Their instructions said to butter the pan, then put 2 pieces of buttered parchment in the pan criss-crossed. The recipe has so much butter, I didn't think it was really necessary. And it wasn't. I put one piece of parchment just to make it easier to take out of the pan and cut with a longer knife. But I did butter the sides that didn't have parchment paper, just to be sure...

I expected the dough to be like brownie batter, but it was actually pretty stiff. More like cookie dough, so I had to spread it in the pan.

Don't they look so good just out of the oven? I had a hard time waiting for them to cool to have a taste!

They are yummy! Get the recipe here and enjoy!


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